Looking for Manhattan real estate listings? Create a Wish list today!

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Manhattan, then you know that some of the best Manhattan real estate listings are hard to come by. But, choosing the properties that you want in your preferred neighborhoods can be a gratifying experience.

Nowadays, because of the pandemic, the real estate market has been reshaped. There are so many changes that have occurred, but one thing that can be gleaned from it is that now might be a great time for you to look at Manhattan’s real estate listings since time is on your side.

Many Manhattan real estate listings have fallen sharply in the first quarter of the year, and currently, there are some signs in the market that show seasonal patterns. In this way, you’ll be able to see that there would be less competition for you.

So, what are the Manhattan real estate listings that should be on your wishlist? Come check out the following places below!

#1 Upper East Side

This is one of the places that most people have on their wishlist. In fact, it is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for first-time buyers. This is because it provides many co-ops that are perfect for those who want stability and functionality. There may be fewer options to choose from, but some sellers are offering discounts. With its quality-of-life benefits, it is still one of the most sought after Manhattan real estate listings despite the pandemic.

#2 Chelsea

For those millennial buyers or renters, Chelsea is fast becoming one of the places you should put on your list. This is because it is full of different amenities, and the oversupply of inventory in Hudson Yards is boosting its appeal. With the oversupply, it is also driving down the prices in Chelsea.

#3 Midtown South

Because of its residential project, many buyers are checking out Midtown South in the Manhattan real estate listings. It’s a place where you can have convenient access to transportation, and it is full of vibrancy, which makes it ideal for those who prefer that kind of lifestyle.

#4 Hudson Square

This should definitely be in your wishlist because it is located in a predominantly commercial area. You can find it in Lower Manhattan, and it is chock full of a variety of housing inventory. From townhouses to brick factories turned into co-ops as well as condos; this is where every buyer can find Manhattan real estate listings that could be suited for them.

#5 West Village

As a result of the health crisis, many people are looking into high-end neighborhoods such as West Village. This is because of the historically low mortgage rates and potential discounts. Buyers and renters from all over the world are looking into these kinds of downtown neighborhoods. With at least seven to eight percent discounts in the market these days because of the pandemic, many have high expectations for these properties.

So, when creating your wishlist, keep in mind all of these locations to find the perfect real estate for you. Take advantage of the changes in the market and make the most out of your investment.