Real Launches Elite Agent Attraction Program

  • BY virtuosorealty
  • February 17, 2019

Real Launches Elite Agent Attraction Program

We’re excited to announce Real’s new revenue sharing program is launched in 20 US states and Washington DC! It provides agents with the opportunity to earn substantial income by attracting other real estate agents to Real. 

Real’s Elite Agent Attraction program also offers agents stock option awards once the agents they attract close their first transaction with Real. 

Together, the revenue sharing and stock options programs are intended to agents two additional revenue streams to supplement their own commission earnings and build financial security. 

“Real’s goal is to provide the best financial opportunities for real estate agents, and I believe this program provides Real agents with the most generous program in the industry for making substantial income from a revenue sharing plan,” said Tamir Poleg, Real founder and CEO. 

Elite Agent Attraction is a multi-tier revenue sharing program, allowing agents to earn significant income from five tiers of recruited agents. For instance, agents can earn 5 percent from the first tier of agents they recruit directly, 4 percent from agents their recruits attract and so on. Agents share of the revenue comes from Real’s 15 percent portion of its 85/15 commission split agents, up to an agents’ $12,000 annual commission cap. 

Rea’s revenue sharing is uniquely simple. There are no fees for agents to join Real and no monthly fees for producing agents. Agents earn a portion of revenue, not profits, which makes their share more assured. Unlike other revenue sharing programs, Real does not “adjust” the gross commission income to limit agents’ earnings. 

For more information on Real’s Elite Agent Attraction program, please contact [email protected].