Unveiling secrets of getting medical office space for lease in Manhattan

Healthcare facilities have several criteria when renting medical office space. If the office room offers clinical, pharmaceutical, testing, or other facilities, healthcare providers’ needs vary dramatically from those of ordinary office tenants. While finding the right medical office space for lease in Manhattan can be difficult, professional real-estate brokers can simplify the process and save you money and time!

Here are 5 secrets in getting your medical office space:

1. Measure the space

Measuring space for your clinical practice is the secret to your negotiations. Calculate the total amount of room, and then ask your landlord for the unit lease price. For example, if the landlord charges $4 per square foot in a 3,000 square foot upper east side medical office space, the cost will be $12,000. So if you have just 2,000 feet of usable space, you may be able to bargain the price down to $8,000.

2. Put the option to renew your lease in writing

Renewable contracts would allow you to lease the property after your contract has ended. Some renewable contracts would set the rent for a certain period, providing for lease negotiations.

3. Recognize that brokers need to keep prices high

Brokers and realtors do Never operate in your best interest when it comes to the leasing payment. That is because brokers and agents work primarily off of commission. The higher the purchase price, the greater their fee would be. Don’t overlook that you’re a means to an end.

4. Have a commercial inspection performed

Medical office jobs need to be built in a sterile setting. Getting a qualified commercial property inspection is a perfect way to negotiate a lease. Having technical issues with the office space and the building can even help you secure a substantial rental improvement allowance.

5. Hire a leasing lawyer

Although you could have the best doctor’s position that the field provides, the chances are that you don’t have a law degree. Hiring a leasing lawyer will give you a legitimate bargaining point. Many of the leases contain loopholes in them, which the landlord will use to cheat out of the deal if he or she encounters a tenant who wishes to pay extra for the lease. By hiring a leasing lawyer to interpret and discuss the contract on your behalf, you would have a better probability of finding and removing such loopholes.