Well-Rounded List of Top-end Properties for Sale in Local Market

When it comes to New York, you are bound to see a lot of expensive places, more so when you are looking for investment property sales in Manhattan. This is one of the most sought after places to purchase properties. There are so many top-end and extravagant properties for sale that you can choose from. Even though it might not be as affordable as you might think, these real estates have been in the market for long and have gotten substantial discounts. The following are some of the properties that you can put up in your list.

1.) 12 East 63rd Street

Recent research shows that this Upper East Side mansion is worth $67 million. If you want a classically-inspired facade made of limestone, a grand winding staircase, or a fireplace, this property might be to your liking. This might be one of the best investment property sales in Manhattan you can find since it is a popular property. With its elegance and opulence, famous architects Thierry Despont and Pierre-Yves Rochon have done their best in the renovation of this mansion.

2.) The Crown Building

The Crown Building, which is known to be an “ultra-luxury hotel or condominium,” has recently listed one of its top-end penthouses. It is situated on the 21st floor and takes up a span of 6,287 square feet. It is worth $59.466 million and is known as the Vana Penthouse. It has custom finishes, a home theater and private elevator, and more. It also has a master bedroom with two walk-in closets and four bedrooms with their own en-suite bathroom. So, if you don’t particularly want to invest in a residential estate, you can always choose this fancy penthouse.

3.) 12 East 69th Street

It was once worth a staggering $114 million, but now you are in luck because this is one of the investment property sales in Manhattan that has been thoroughly discounted. It is now on the market for $79 million. The Upper East Side townhouse is owned by billionaire Vincent Viola who is known to own the Florida Panthers. It was in 2005 when he bought the townhouse for only $20 million. It was designed by the Gilded Age architect, William Bosworth. You can find amenities in this 19-room mansion, such as a heated saltwater pool and a dining room inspired by Versailles.

4.) Fifteen Hudson Yards, Manhattan

Aside from the wonderful houses and condominiums for sale mentioned above, you also have famous residential buildings to choose from. You have the residential building, Fifteen Hudson Yards with over 98 units sold, and a median sale price of $3,738,106. It is located one block from the Hudson River and three parks. It is one of the popular buildings in New York and has amenities such as a pool and gym on the upper floors.

5.) 565 Broome Soho, Manhattan

This building was designed by architect Renzo Piano and is described to be a building that takes the weather’s color. With its innovative designs and low-iron glass materials, you can see how the architect wanted to give people a constantly-changing visual relationship with the structure. It was developed by Aronov Development, Bizzi & Partners Development, and Halpern Real Estate Ventures. It has 40 units sold and a median sale price of $3,987,179.

So, if you are considering searching for some of the best investment property sales in Manhattan, you should add these properties to your list and get the help of a real estate professional so you can get better deals as well!