10 Important Factors to Look for in Medical Office Space for Lease at Manhattan

Nowadays, in order for you to have a successful medical practice, you need a convenient medical office space and location. This is because your patients need to be able to visit you in an accessible location. It must also be a medical office space for lease in Manhattan that can meet your budget and satisfy your needs as a medical practitioner. You would want to provide excellent services, which will make you successful in the industry.

That’s why there are essential factors for you to consider when you start your search for a medical office space for lease in Manhattan.

1) It should be affordable.

When it comes to choosing for your property, the prices will vary from submarket to submarket, which is also why you need the help of real estate professionals to find a property that is within your budget. They will be able to look for ideal locations and negotiate in your stead for the best deals.

2) It should have accessibility.

This is a key factor when looking for the perfect medical office space for lease in Manhattan. You don’t want your clinic or office to be hidden away in a maze of streets. You would want patients to find your location quickly. 

3) It may be a property that’s relatively new.

Most new properties in a medical office building, for instance, provide better spaces for your practice. This is because they would most likely have the necessary infrastructure for your services, which means less money spent.

4) It must provide good parking spaces.

Both you and your potential patients will greatly benefit from excellent parking spaces that won’t require you to park in areas that are far from your office space. That’s why you should look for a medical office space for lease in Manhattan that has reserved spaces, pick-up, and drop-off spaces and especially spaces dedicated to the handicapped.

5) It must be close to other medical professionals.

This is important for business because, with all the neighboring practices surrounding your office space, there will be referrals, or patients can choose among the many options. This creates a hundred percent synergy among the practices.

6) It should be able to accommodate special equipment.

Usually, hospitals are the places you go to for these types of services. But, these days, many medical practitioners offer ancillary services that require special equipment for their procedures. This could be sleep labs, imaging centers, MRIs, and more.

7) It should be exclusive.

You can look for a medical office space for lease in Manhattan that provides a lease clause in the agreement, wherein it prohibits leasing to other medical professionals with the same specialization. This will provide exclusivity. But, it does not mean that you can’t be located close to other practices.

8) It should have enough space for signage.

If you want your medical practice to be seen by patients or potential customers, you need to have signage located close to your office. You can often see these signages on top of buildings.

9) It should be made clear how the biohazards will be taken care of.

The medical office space for a lease must have in its agreement about who will be liable for the removal or disposal of hazardous waste or materials. Since in most medical practices, there would be the handling of biohazards. So, it should be made clear whether, as a tenant, you would be responsible or whether it should be the landlord’s duty.

10) It must provide after-hours access.

Most conventional office-space leases have limitations to their access. This is because they follow the standard business hours. But, for medical practices, this shouldn’t be the case since some of them are required to see their patients during extended hours. They even sometimes have to operate for 24 hours. Thus, when selecting your medical office space for lease in Manhattan, you should consider a location that will give you more hours.